Can You Eat While Wearing Invisalign?

Can You Eat While Wearing Invisalign?


Invisalign is a comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces for straightening your teeth. Using these clear plastic aligner trays is an excellent choice for orthodontic treatment that aligns your teeth.

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign is a process that works through a series of clear aligners that, over time, will position your teeth. The aligners themselves are shaped from the computer-generated images that your dentist takes. 

The Invisalign System

The Invisalign system uses a comfortable process that moves your teeth into a straighter position just a little – over time. From your series of custom aligners, new trays are changed out each week at home. Each time you put a new aligner in your mouth, your teeth are just a bit straighter. Every tray subsequent is shaped to move your teeth gradually, so they’re incrementally straighter as a result. How does it work? Through gentle pressure on your teeth that gradually moves your teeth over time until they match up with an aligner.   

Basically, rather than using the fixed metal wires traditional braces to pull teeth into a new position, Invisalign uses clear aligner molds. The molds shift teeth into a new and better position as they move to fit the shape of each aligner over time.

How long you wear each individual aligner – usually 2 weeks – is prescribed by your dental team. The process of straightening itself is more gentle than that of traditional braces. During the total amount of time you wear Invisalign, your custom plan varies with the number of trays that are required. The number varies because both you and your teeth are unique. Your orthodontist will decide what movements are needed for your teeth which is what will determine how many trays are right for the best result. 

And, however many aligner trays are worn, it’s imperative that you keep them in your mouth for  20-22 hours. That is required daily. If you don’t follow your orthodontist’s instructions, your teeth won’t move into the anticipated place, throwing off the aligner trays and their fit. During your treatment, you’ll visit your dentist usually every eight to twelve weeks, just to be sure the Invisalign treatment is progressing properly.

Can You Eat While Wearing Your Invisalign?

Usually aligners can be removed between 2 and 4 hours daily. And when you remove them, then you can eat – just as you normally would! There are no restrictions on what you eat or drink. But do be sure that you remove the trays before you dine or drink anything other than water.

Why Choose Invisalign to Straighten Your Teeth?

Certainly being able to remove the aligner trays while eating and cleaning your teeth is one good reason. Remember that metal braces can’t be removed, and must be worn all the time, even if you find them challenging to clean. 

Invisalign is also more attractive – made from clear plastic and almost invisible to others, and the trays are more comfortable than traditional braces, too.

Dental Care When Wearing Invisalign

You know that it’s important to wear your aligners for the amount of time your orthodontist tells you to wear them every day. But it’s also important that you do remove your aligners when eating or drinking anything besides water.

And it’s important as well to remove your aligners to brush and floss twice daily. Clean your aligner trays separately with a gentle toothbrush whenever you brush your teeth, too.

Ready to Learn More About Invisalign?

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